Tropical Cyclone Rona

10th to 12th of February 1999

Rona crossing the coast
The destructive core of TC Rona crossing the North Queensland coast near Port Douglas - locals had only a few hours warning for this 180 km/hr cyclone.

TC Rona Button
TC Rona - a Cooktown to Bowen local area map of TC Rona.
An example of a small yet severe short-lived cyclone that sprung up very quickly, with only a matter of hours of warning for the communities north of Cairns that ultimately felt the full fury of it's 180 km/hr winds. It demonstrates the need for those who live in cyclone prone areas to pay frequent close attention to the media during the cyclone season (November to May).

For more information about TC Rona, click here - this page was originally on my my brothers website in Hong Kong, where he has assembled the various emails and attached images I sent him into a quite readable page.

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