BoM Place Names

The following is compiled from a list of place names that are used in Australian Bureau of Meteorology cyclone warnings and advices that was sent to me by the Services Policy Branch, Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and gratefully acknowledge that their input has made them much better for the purpose.

Bureau of Meteorology Place Names List

BallinaNSW28 50'00"S153 32'00"E
Cape Byron LighthouseNSW28 38'00"S153 38'00"E
Coffs HarbourNSW30 19'00"S153 07'00"E
GraftonNSW29 41'00"S152 56'00"E
KempseyNSW31 05'00"S152 50'00"E
MoreeNSW29 28'00"S149 50'00"E
Nambucca HeadsNSW30 39'00"S153 00'00"E
Port MacquarieNSW31 26'00"S152 55'00"E
TareeNSW31 55'00"S152 27'00"E
YambaNSW29 26'30"S153 21'30"E

AurukunQLD13 22'00"S141 44'00"E
AyrQLD19 35'00"S147 24'00"E
Baffle CreekQLD24 31'00"S152 03'00"E
BowenQLD20 01'00"S148 15'00"E
BrisbaneQLD27 28'00"S153 01'00"E
BundabergQLD24 52'00"S152 20'00"E
BurketownQLD17 44'00"S139 32'00"E
CairnsQLD16 55'00"S145 46'00"E
Cape TribulationQLD16 05'00"S145 27'00"E
CardwellQLD18 16'00"S146 01'00"E
Claremont PointQLD14 01'00"S143 41'00"E
CooktownQLD15 29'00"S145 15'00"E
CoolangattaQLD28 10'00"S153 32'00"E
Double Island PointQLD25 55'00"S153 11'00"E
Edward River Mission (Pormpuraaw)QLD14 54'00"S142 36'00"E
Flattery,CapeQLD14 57'00"S145 21'00"E
Gilbert River MissionQLD18 08'00"S142 52'00"S
GladstoneQLD23 50'00"S151 15'00"E
Grenville,CapeQLD11 57'00"S143 13'00"E
Hayman IslandQLD20 03'00"S148 53'00"E
InkermanQLD16 14'00"S141 25'00"E
InnisfailQLD17 31'00"S146 01'00"E
KarumbaQLD17 29'00"S140 50'00"E
Keerweer,CapeQLD13 55'00"S141 28'00"E
KowanyamaQLD15 29'00"S141 45'00"E
Lockhart RiverQLD12 48'00"S143 21'00"E
LucindaQLD18 31'00"S146 20'00"E
MackayQLD21 09'00"S149 11'00"E
MapoonQLD11 58'00"S141 54'00"E
MaryboroughQLD25 31'00"S152 41'00"E
Melville,CapeQLD14 10'00"S144 31'00"E
Moreton,CapeQLD27 02'00"S153 28'00"E
Mornington IslandQLD16 33'00"S139 24'00"E
Mount IsaQLD20 43'00"S139 29'00"E
Orford NessQLD11 18'00"S142 50'00"E
Point LookoutQLD27 26'00"S153 32'00"E
Port DouglasQLD16 28'00"S145 27'00"E
ProserpineQLD20 24'00"S148 34'00"E
RockhamptonQLD23 22'00"S150 30'00"E
Sandy Cape, (Woakoh)QLD24 42'00"S153 16'00"E
SarinaQLD21 25'00"S149 12'00"E
Shoalwater BayQLD22 19'00"S150 19'00"E
SouthportQLD27 59'00"S153 24'00"E
St LawrenceQLD22 20'00"S149 32'00"E
TewantinQLD26 23'00"S153 02'00"E
Thursday IslandQLD10 35'00"S142 13'00"E
TownsvilleQLD19 16'00"S146 48'00"E
WeipaQLD12 38'00"S141 53'00"E
Willis IslandQLD16 18'00"S159 58'48"E
YeppoonQLD23 07'00"S150 44'00"E

AlyangulaNT13 51'00"S136 25'00"E
Bathurst Island Aboriginal ReserveNT11 27'00"S130 20'00"E
Cape Don LighthouseNT11 18'00"S131 46'00"E
Cape FourcroyNT11 48'00"S130 01'00"E
Cape ShieldNT13 20'00"S136 20'00"E
Cape WesselNT11 00'00"S136 46'00"E
Croker IslandNT11 10'00"S132 29'00"E
Daly MouthNT13 18'00"S130 14'00"E
DarwinNT12 27'00"S130 50'00"E
Elcho IslandNT11 50'00"S135 53'00"E
Groote EylandtNT13 56'00"S136 36'00"E
Melville Island Aboriginal ReserveNT11 22'00"S130 28'00"E
Milingimbi IslandNT12 05'00"S134 53'00"E
NhulunbuyNT12 11'00"S136 47'00"E
OenpelliNT12 20'00"S133 04'00"E
Point StuartNT12 13'00"S131 54'00"E
Port KeatsNT14 06'00"S129 33'00"E
Port McarthurNT15 47'00"S136 40'00"E
Roper, PortNT14 45'00"S135 25'00"E
Snake BayNT11 24'00"S130 41'00"E

Abrolhos IslandsWA28 58'00"S113 54'00"E
Barrow IslandWA20 47'57"S115 24'18"E
Billabong RoadhouseWA26 45'00"S114 32'00"S
BroomeWA17 57'47"S122 14'06"E
Cape Leveque LighthouseWA16 23'44"S122 55'37"E
CarnarvonWA24 53'30"S113 39'31"E
Cockatoo IslandWA16 05'56"S123 37'01"E
Coral BayWA23 08'42"S113 46'03"E
Cotton CreekWA??
CueWA27 25'45"S117 52'45"E
Cuvier, CapeWA24 13'27"S113 23'25"E
DampierWA20 39'50"S116 42'43"E
De GreyWA20 10'39"S119 11'21"E
DenhamWA25 55'41"S113 31'58"E
DerbyWA17 18'17"S123 37'39"E
DongaraWA29 15'07"S114 55'46"E
Drysdale RiverWA15 42'35"S126 22'33"E
El QuestroWA16 00'32"S127 58'49"E
ExmouthWA21 56'02"S114 07'35"E
Fitzroy CrossingWA18 10'46"S125 35'24"E
Fortescue RoadhouseWA21 17'00"S116 03'00"E
Gascoyne JunctionWA25 03'14"S115 12'28"E
GeraldtonWA28 46'49"S114 36'47"E
Gibb RiverWA16 25'37"S126 25'57"E
Giles Meteorological StationWA25 01'48"S128 16'48"E
Halls CreekWA18 13'43"S127 39'59"E
Jigalong MissionWA23 21'33"S120 46'47"E
KalbarriWA27 42'26"S114 10'14"E
KalumburuWA14 17'46"S126 38'27"E
KarrathaWA20 43'55"S116 51'21"E
KununurraWA15 46'27"S128 44'18"E
Kuri BayWA15 29'01"S124 31'00"E
LagrangeWA18 41'11"S121 46'46"E
LavertonWA28 37'29"S122 23'59"E
LeonoraWA28 53'12"S121 19'47"E
Marble BarWA21 10'23"S119 44'40"E
MardieWA21 11'28"S115 58'40"E
MeekatharraWA26 35'33"S118 29'43"E
MillstreamWA21 35'30"S117 04'13"E
MinilyaWA23 50'53"S113 58'03"E
Mitchell PlateauWA14 46'52"S125 47'12"E
Mount AugustusWA24 18'30"S116 54'30"E
Mount BarnettWA16 39'33"S125 57'00"E
Mount MagnetWA28 03'50"S117 50'48"E
MunjinaWA22 22'36"S118 41'06"E
NanutarraWA22 32'30"S115 29'45"E
NewmanWA23 21'35"S119 43'44"E
NorthamptonWA28 21'00"S114 37'59"E
NullagineWA21 53'28"S120 06'36"E
OnslowWA21 38'22"S115 06'43"E
Overlander RoadhouseWA26 24'00"S114 22'00"E
PannawonicaWA21 38'19"S116 19'24"E
ParaburdooWA23 12'05"S117 40'27"E
PardooWA20 06'31"S119 34'38"E
Port HedlandWA20 18'42"S118 35'58"E
RoebourneWA20 46'21"S117 08'38"E
Sandfire RoadhouseWA19 46'11"S121 05'22"E
SandstoneWA27 59'23"S119 17'41"E
TelferWA21 41'00"S122 16'00"E
Tom PriceWA22 41'42"S117 47'29"E
Troughton IslandWA13 45'14"S126 11'03"E
Wallal DownsWA19 46'52"S120 38'22"E
Whim CreekWA20 50'30"S117 50'03"E
WickhamWA20 40'48"S117 08'10"E
WilunaWA26 35'47"S120 13'25"E
WyndhamWA15 29'16"S128 07'08"E
YalgooWA28 20'33"S116 40'54"E
YarrieWA20 40'33"S120 12'17"E

Special thanks to Jon Gill, BoM, for his help and co-operation.

There may be errors in the list, such as incorrect Latitude or Longitude coordinates, names inadvertantly ommitted, or incorrect places used instead of other places of the same name intended by the BoM. Whilst many of the location coordinates were found in the Australian Geographic Place Names (Gazetteer) database, and the Willis Island and Giles Meteorological Station coordinates were found in the GEMPAK Weather Station tables database, so these should be accurate, others were found in the index of an old Atlas and some were calculated from measurements made with a ruler on maps.

I apologise in advance for any of the errors that may emerge, and will correct them when better information becomes available, so if you know of any corrections to be made, please do not hesitate to inform me.

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